Auction Sheet Guide


Auction sheets are often the first point of inspection when considering to purchase a used car. They are made by professional inspectors and offer a good overview of the vehicle’s condition, history and basic information.
Auction sheets have different formats, and are written in Japanese. Please refer to the sample Auction Sheet below with English translations, for your reference.

Auction Sheet Terms

Auction Sheets make use of certain terms to describe vehicle parts and/or defects. Please see the list of common terms used in Auction sheets.

Equipment/ Accessories
Mark Meaning
AC Air conditioner
AAC Climate control air conditioner
PS Power steering
SR Sunroof
AW Alloy wheels
PW Power windows
TV Television
カワor ⾰ Leather seats
AB or エアB Airbag
Mark Meaning
F6, 6MT or 6F Manual (6-speed) transmission
F5, 5MT or 5F Manual (5-speed) transmission
F4, 4MT or 4F Manual (4-speed) transmission
C4, 4CMT or 4C Manual (4-speed) Column shift transmission
D5, 5D Manual (5-speed) Dashboard-mounted transmission
I5, 5I Manual (5-speed) Instrument panel shift transmission
CA or CAT Column Automatic transmission
FAT/AT Floor Automatic transmission
5FAT 5-speed Floor Automatic transmission
6FAT 6-speed Floor Automatic transmission
DAT Dashboard-mounted automatic transmission
5DAT 5-speed Dashboard-mounted automatic transmission
IAT Instrument panel shift automatic transmission
5IAT 5-speed Instrument panel shift Automatic transmission
Odometer Reading Authenticity
Mark Meaning
* Odometer clocked or re-wound
Speedometer replacement made with proof of mileage
# Unknown mileage
Vehicle Defects
Mark Degree Meaning
A 1,2,3,4 Line scratch
U 1,2,3,4 Dent
B 1,2,3,4 Dent with scratches (requiring panel beating and respray )
P 1,2,3,4 Painting required, paint peeling, fading
W 1,2,3 Repair waves or traces
S 1,2,3,4 Rust
C 1,2,3,4 Corrosion
X Occasionally 1,2,3 depending on the auction house Replacement required
XX None Panel replaced
Y 1,2,3 Cracks or tears mainly on bumpers or side skirts etc
E None or 1,2,3 depending on the auction houses Tiny dent
x (small) Used in some auctions Small crack on windshield screen
D 1,2,3, T⼤、T多 Used in a few auctions Crack
F 1,2,3 Used in a few auctions Paint peeling off
T 1,2,3, T⼤、T多 Used in a few auctions Cut
G Used in some auctions Chip or Dots on windshield screen
H 1,2,3 Used in a few auctions Discolor or Fade
L Used in a few auctions Shifted
O Used in a few auctions Pushed in
BP Used in inspectors comments Repaired trace or dent with paint blemish
The number next to a mark indicates the size of the affected area or degree of the damage “A1”, “A2” / “U1”, “U2” etc. “1” indicates a small or minimum damage. As the number goes up more visible and bigger becomes the damage.


A vehicle is graded primarily on the basis of its mileage, interior, and exterior condition. The auction grade helps you evaluate the condition of the vehicle. Please refer to the following table for Auction Grade’s interpretation.

Auction Grade
Mark Meaning
S The car is less than a year old from the date of first registration and has travelled less than 10,000 km. The car is in perfect condition, as good as factory new.
6 The car is in perfect condition almost as new, less than three years old from the first registration date and the mileage less than 30,000km.
5 The car has mileage less than 50,000 km. There may be some minor scratches and marks on the body. There may be some interior stains, stains, glue marks, burns, breaks, etc.
4.5 The car has mileage less than 100,000 km. There are more minor scratches and marks on the body than Grade 5. It is equivalent to Grade 5 with minor repairs. There are several flaws on the exterior. The interior has some scorching holes, cracks, rubbing, discoloration, fading, etc.
4 The car mileage is less than 150,000km. The car has several noticeable scratches and minor dents on its body. There are noticeable interior defects which may require repair.
3.5 The exterior may have a few mid or large size dents and scratches that require repair or replacement. There may be noticeable interior defects which may need replacement. The car may have done outer welding panel replacement of the main panel.
3 Both the interior and exterior may have some large dents scuffs or scratches that require repair or replacement. There may be major mechanical defects
2 Those with low commercial value.
1 Disaster vehicle (submerged vehicle, extinguisher spray vehicle, etc.)
0 Accident repaired car or accident unrepaired car
R Accident repaired car
RA Light accident repaired car
*** Accident car or Engine may not work
Interior Grade
Grade Vehicle Condition
A Mileage is within 30,000km
There are slight flaws
It may have some stains, scratches, glue, etc
B There are several minor defects
It may have cigarette burns, cuts, or tears
C There are several defects that require minor repairs
It has some cuts, tears, charred holes, glue marks, glue, etc.
D There are several conspicuous defects that require repairs
E It is obviously in bad condition
It requires replacement of major parts such as dashboards, headliner, seats, etc.
F It is below Grade E's interior condition.
Exterior Grade
Grade Vehicle Condition
A It is close to new with slight flaws
It might have a slight repair trace
B There are conspicuous flaws
Windshields and lights might be with small cracks
There may be a large flaw on bumpers, glasses, hoods and screens
C There are several conspicuous defects
It may have a noticeable dent
It has repair marks that require re-repairing
D It has some defects that require repairs
It has noticeable corrosion
E It has many defects that require repairs
It may be with a lot of corrosion
F It is below Grade E's exterior condition